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More About The Resort

Compass Point Beach Resort opened in early 1995. It reflects the vision of our founder, Chris Blackwell, who wanted to combine the intimacy of a small property with a traditional simple country home residence common to his native country of Jamaica. Although development has crowded close to the borders of the property, we have preserved the natural setting where you will experience the sound of the ocean, the tropical breezes, and at night, the silence typical of a location away from civilization.

A sunset experienced from our pier that extends 120 feet into the ocean, from our outdoor restaurant/bar or from the intimacy of each room’s private deck is second to none on New Providence Island.

The Junkanoo colors of the property are 100% Bahamian. In a nod to civilization’s conveniences, and our founder’s music industry roots, we have air conditioned our “huts“, and added a state of the art surround sound music system to every room.

Chris Blackwell’s music industry achievements are extensive and too lengthy to relate in this brief tribute. He is still active in the music industry today, but is perhaps best known for introducing the world to the talents of Bob Marley and U2. Chris was inducted into the music hall of fame in 2001, for these successes and many others.

Chris founded Island Records in 1959, which became a powerhouse in the music publication industry, featuring hundred’s of successful artists. In 1977, he opened the Compass Point recording studio nearby, which is still active to this day, recording and producing many international musicians’ releases. When Chris sold Island Records in 1989, he directed his energy to creating a small number of boutique hotels in the Caribbean, under the Island Outpost mantra. Except for utilizing an existing home for the restaurant/bar you are standing in, at this moment, we are pleased to be the only hotel that he created from the ground up.

Compass Point Beach Resort immediately became the place to stay for artists recording at the studio. We hope that the uniqueness of the property, coupled with its solitude, has contributed to artists’ creative work when “in the studio” nearby.

To further recognize our music industry roots, we have placed in each room the music CDs of the 18 most commercially successful artists who have recorded at the studio, and in many instances stayed at our resort. An explanation of the artists’ connection to the music studio, and in some instances the resort, are included in a brief memorial located in each room. A list of artists who have recorded at Compass Point music studio and more information about the studio is available at our reception desk.

If you are a hotel guest, welcome. If you are a visitor, please ask at our reception desk for a host to show you the property and if available, one of our huts.